Booking Information

Information to help you book artists for your event.


Hopefully you took a moment to read the main Booking Page and then visited our Calendar Page to check for availability. We really want to work with you to make your event fun and memorable for you and your guests, but if we’re not available, then we won’t be able to help you. If you haven’t checked our calendar, please take a moment to do so so you don’t waste your time trying to book artists that aren’t available and can’t be at your event. Please look over the booking information on this page. Hopefully it will answer most, if not all of your questions and make booking with Stretch & Company easier for you.


We want to make your event special, and if your expectations don’t match what the entertainer provides, then we are both in for a big disappointment. Once we receive your email, submitted form, or phone call, we will discuss the particulars of your event and work with you to ensure that our entertainers fit your event and match your expectations. Once we’ve covered all the particulars, we will send you a booking agreement to confirm all the details and ensure that you know what to expect from our artists, and our artists know what to plan for and expect as well. This will leave you with one less thing to worry about so you can focus more on enjoying your event.

Entertainer Rates

Our base rate per artist is $125.00 per hour, with a one hour minimum. After the first hour additional time can be booked in hour or half hour increments. Our artists are specialists and will focus on one type of art, meaning if you book a balloon artist, they will only do balloon twisting. If you want both balloon art and face painting, you will need to book two artists.

How many artists will you need? That depends on the number of people attending your event, and what type of artist you are booking. The numbers below are only approximate, and can be used as a general guide to help you know how long you need to book for, or how many artists you will need at your event.

Balloon Twisting: 15 to 20 kids per hour.

Face Painting/Glitter Tattoos: 10 to 15 kids per hour.

Temporary Airbrush Tattoos: 30 to 40 kids per hour.

Photography Rates

Photography is divided into different categories, each with its own pricing structure due to the different requirements for both shooting and editing of the photos.

Event Photography

$125.00 per hour, with a 1 hour minimum for birthday parties and a 2 hour minimum for all other events.

Portrait Photography (Family, pet, graduation, senior, etc.)

$125.00 for a Mini-Session – 45 minutes and up to 20 edited images

$175.00 for a Standard Session – 90 minutes and up to 40 edited images

$225.00 for an Extended Session – 2 hours and up to 60 edited images

I currently don’t have a studio for portrait photography, but that doesn’t mean I can’t take your portraits. I can come to your home, office, or meet you at many other locations to take your photos. While most public locations are free to use, please be aware that some venues charge a fee for professional photography. If you decide to use such a location, that fee will be added to your total.

Travel Fees

We work primarily in the Dallas – Fort Worth area of North Texas, but will travel anywhere if the price is right. While our mailing address is in Grapevine, we are based in Euless and our travel fees are calculated based on the shortest route from our address to your party location using Google maps. You can use the zip code 76039 to get an idea of how far that distance will be.

If your event is 30 miles or less, there will not be a travel fee added to your total. If your event is more than 30 miles from us, the travel fee is $1.00 per mile one way. This fee is to help compensate our artists not only for the extra gas, but also for the extra time spent driving that prevents them from booking other gigs while traveling to and from your event. Longer distances will also increase the minimum booking time as detailed below.

50 – 74 miles – 2 hour minimum booking

75 – 149 miles – 3 hour minimum booking

If your event is 150 or more miles from us you will be charged a daily rate of $750.00 per artist. This rate includes up to 4 hours of entertainment. Additional hours may be booked at a rate of $100.00 per hour. This daily rate is charged because the artist(s) will no longer be able to book any other gigs that day due to the time spent traveling to and from your event. If your travel to and/or from your event overlaps to the preceding or following day due to the start or finish time of your event, you may be charged an additional half day rate of $375.00 if the artist has to spend part of the day before or after your event traveling. This could happen in the case of events that start very early, or end very late, thus forcing the artist to leave the day before or after, and thus prevent them from booking events on either of those days.

Booking Fee

We require a 20% (twenty percent) non-refundable booking fee to hold a date. This fee is based on the final total for the event, and will deducted from the total due at the event. Once we have all the details set, we will email you a booking agreement to confirm the details, and will also email you an invoice through PayPal so you can pay the booking fee online using a credit card. Your event will be pending until we receive confirmation of the booking agreement and notification from PayPal that the booking fee has been paid. If your event is for a business and want to mail a check for the booking fee, please let us know and we will work with you. For business clients, we can email invoices and W-9s if needed for your accounting department.

We do not accept personal checks, and only accept credit cards through PayPal.

Cancellation Policy

If your event is outdoors, please make alternate plans for inclement weather. Once we book your event, there is a good chance that we will turn down other events for that time slot. Our event cancellation policy is as follows:

If your event is cancelled any time after confirmation, 20% of the total will be immediately due, minus any booking fees already paid.

If your event is cancelled 7 days or less prior to the event date, 50% of the total will be immediately due, minus any booking fees already paid.

If your event is cancelled 3 days or less prior to the event date, 100% of the total will be immediately due, minus any booking fees already paid.