Fun Stuff!

To make it easy to find everything, I’ve moved all my DVDs, books, and other products to Stretch’s Inflated Humor. On that site you will find links to cool stuff you can order to make your life a little more interesting and fun. There are also things to help you if you want to learn the art of balloon twisting, improve your skills as a balloon artist, or maybe add some new designs to your balloon sculpting repertoire. One click on the Stretch’s Inflated Humor image to the right will take to a magical, well maybe not magical, but a spiffy site where you can order balloon twisting DVDs, PDF ebooks, clothing, wall art, and tons of more fun stuff to make you cooler… well, at least more fun. The cool part is totally up to you.

Stretch's Inflated Humor - fun and cool products for everyone!

Click on the image to visit Stretch’s Inflated Humor, and then visit the sections for the different products. There are three sections according to what you might be looking for. The section marked “Clothing & More” has links to sites where you can buy… you guess it, clothing and other more! If you’re looking for DVDs and PDF ebooks on balloon twisting, then you should visit the section labeled “DVDs & PDF Books.” The final section has links for sites that specializes in wall art and things like that, and naturally, it’s labeled “Photography Prints.” If you have any questions, please contact me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. If you’re looking for something specific and don’t see it, let me know and I’ll see what I can do. Also, book mark the sites and check back because I will be adding more stuff in the future. Thanks, and have a twisted day!