A Passion for photography

An Artistic Passion

Creating art in every image.

I’ve had a passion for photography since I first took a class in high school where I learned the basics of photography, as well as how to develop both film and prints in the dark room. Photography remained a hobby until around 2005 when I decided it was time to take it more seriously. Since that time I have worked hard to learn more about taking photos and bringing out their beauty in post processing. I have also earned a certificate from The New York Institute of Photography for completing their “Complete Course in Photography.”

Even though I understand how cameras work, I still find something magical in the whole process. The word photography means “writing with light,” and I would love to write your story in light by capturing beautiful photos of your birthday party, company event, graduation photos, family or pet portraits, or your home.

Grandmother taking cell phone photo of girl with face painted

Intimidating Stare from Silver Back Gorilla

Nature and Travel Photography

Skills that make a better event photographer.

I have always loved both nature and travel, so it’s fitting that I love nature and travel photography. As an entertainer and avid motorcycle rider I have traveled all over the country, and have even been fortunate to travel outside the US and visit some other countries. During my travels I am always watching for places, animals, landscapes, and other things to photograph.

While many of my photographs are available to purchase in various formats, you may not want to hire me to photograph your back yard, or flower garden. So how does nature and travel photography help me when it comes to your needs? When photographing animals, nature, landscapes, and buildings, a photographer has no control over the lighting, weather, and behavior of the animals. In these situations the photographer must learn to read the available light, anticipate animal activity, adapt to weather conditions, and then create a beautiful photograph using what is available. Event photography is often similar because the photographer has little or no control over the light, venue setup, or event the actions of the attendees. The photographer must adapt to the situation and anticipate the actions of the people to get the best photos under whatever conditions are present. My passion for photography drives me to continually improve every aspect of my photography skills no matter the location or type of photos being taken.

Capturing Special Events

Your biggest moments captured, while you enjoy your event.

Special events aren’t just a chance to get together to have fun or celebrate a big moment, they are opportunities to create once in a lifetime memories. Do you really want to trust a bunch of people with cell phones to capture those special moments that will probably never happen again. Sure cell phone cameras have improved dramatically over the past few years, but they lack a large number of features and abilities that professional cameras have. Then, there’s also the issue of attendees being involved in so many activities that they may miss key moments. As an event photographer I am not involved in the activities and am more free to both see and capture photographs that will showcase the fun and special memories happening around me. As an entertainer who has performed and thousands of events, I have a ton of experience and reading the flow of events and know what to watch for as events unfold.

Young girl balancing ice cream on her head

As a last note, think about how many photos are taken at events with cell phones. Some of them end up on social media, but the majority end up being forgotten on someone’s phone, only to be deleted when their memory card gets full or they trade their phone in for a newer model. I will upload your photos to an online gallery where you will have the ability to download and share them, or order beautiful prints that you can hang on your wall, put on your desk, or give to friends and family as gifts that will be cherished and loved. While everyone these days seems to be taking more photos, how many of your family and friends truly have a passion for photography that will enable them to capture truly memorable photos? Contact me to find out about having me come out and photograph your event or capture some beautiful portraits of you, your family, or your pets today.