Face  and Body Painting Gallery

Many people think face painting is just for kids. That’s true, if you only go by physical age, but kids come is all ages, and kids of all ages love face painting. If you don’t believe us, go to any sporting event on the planet and you will see a bunch of of grown up kids with their faces and bodies painted while they scream and cheer for their favorite team. Face and body painting is a fun way to not only show support for a sports team, but also a fun way to express yourself and just enjoy being a kid, whether you’re a young, or just young at heart. Of course, it’s not just limited to faces, face paint can be applied to arms, hands, legs, bellies, and even be a full body thing. Mrs. Stretch is the primary face painter for Stretch & Company, and she has been an artist in some form or fashion for pretty much all of her life. She has also been the official face painter for the Dallas Mavericks basketball team since 2003 and has painted thousands of excited fans at more than 40 games every season since. She has also painted countless faces, arms, and other body parts at birthday parties, company picnics, school festivals, church and corporate events, and more. Mrs. Stretch has a very gentle and patient way of dealing with kids and putting them at ease while they are sitting her chair getting and painted. In case you’re wondering, she is the wife of Stretch the Balloon Dude, and was given the name of Mrs. Stretch by young kids when they found out she was married to him. Contact us today to book Stretch & Company to do face painting at your event.