Face and Body Painting

Fun for kids of all ages!

Face and body painting is always a huge hit, not only with children, but with the grown up crowd as well. The designs can be themed to go with a particular party, sporting event, or holiday theme, or the artist can simply take requests and paint whatever the individual in their chair wants… within reason, of course. All of our paints and supplies are FDA approved for all ages, and are even edible, although they probably don’t taste good. Our artists strive to keep their paint and supplies clean and sanitary to minimize the risk of reactions or spreading germs from one child to another. Stretch & Company has been the official face painters for the Dallas Mavericks NBA basketball team since 2003. Mrs. Stretch is the primary face painter for Stretch & Company, and we have access to a network of artists should you need more than one face painter for your event.

Face painting is a great addition to birthday parties, corporate events, church picnics, school carnivals, festivals, sporting events, and more. While we don’t recommend having a face painter at a pool party because the paint just washes off with water and will come off as soon as anyone who has been painted jumps in the water, we will do them as well. Sometimes the kids think it’s extra fun because they can get painted, jump in the pool, and then go get something else painted without having to go to wash it off in the bathroom.

If you are having a pool or water party and want something fun and similar to face painting, we recommend temporary airbrush tattoos, or glitter tattoos because they both hold up well in water.