Face Painting

by Stretch & Company

Whether it’s a birthday party for a 5 year old, a sporting event, or a company picnic, face painting is always a hit with kids of all ages. Of course, by kids we mean those who are kids at heart. There is something about getting your face painted that brings out the youthful spirit in anyone, especially when friends join in. Of course, the art is not limited to just faces, you have can something painted on your arm, hand, or even your belly.

Face painters with Stretch & Company only use professional paint and supplies that are FDA approved and kid safe. We will never use anything on you or your kids that we wouldn’t use on our own family. If you are at an event don’t be afraid to ask a face painter about their supplies. If they are using acrylic paints, or products that are not FDA approved, we recommend that you don’t allow them to paint you or your children. Using acrylic paint, or non FDA approved paints can cause skin irritation, especially if applied to small children or sensitive skin like on the face.

Mrs. Stretch

Mrs. Stretch, a.k.a. Jo Clendennen, has been painting faces since 2002, and has been one of the official face painters for the Dallas Mavericks NBA since 2003. She has always been artistically inclined and loves creating and dressing things up. This love for art and making things “pretty” carries over into her face painting and her style of art is fun and whimsical. Mrs. Stretch is exceptionally patient and good at dealing with kids of all ages.

Plan to make your party or event more fun for everyone by booking a face painter from Stretch & Company today. You can call, email, or fill out the simple form on our Contact Us page to get more information or get an artist booked today.