Learn to Twist Balloons

Are you wanting to learn to twist balloons, or perhaps already know how but want to learn some new designs and increase your repertoire? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Stretch the Balloon Dude has a balloon twisting channel on YouTube full of fun designs, and he also has a page on Sellfy.com with a bunch of PDF books that you can purchase and save on your computer, phone, or tablet for reading at your leisure. Click the images below to check out both sites and learn more.

YouTube Video Tutorials

Click the BalloonDude19 Logo to go to my YouTube channel “BalloonDude19.” It contains a bunch of balloon twisting tutorial videos, and I’m adding new ones weekly. Don’t forget to Subscribe, Like, Share, and Comment while you’re there.

BalloonDude19 Logo for Stretch the Balloon Dude's Youtube Channel

PDF Balloon Twisting Books

Click the book image to visit my product page on Sellfy.com to check the selection of PDF books I have available. Most are about balloon twisting, but there is also a joke book, a book on the business of twisting, and even a cookbook by Mrs. Stretch.

Sellfy.com Logo for Stretch the Balloon Dude's pdf book page on their web site

DVDs on Balloon Twisting

I started producing DVDs on balloon twisting in 2005 and have produced 22 since then. Twenty of them are available on Amazon and can be purchased by clicking on the images below. They cover a variety of topics, and range from beginner to more advanced. There is a description of each on the Amazon page that each link takes you to. The DVDs are $25.00 each, and they will be created and shipped by Amazon. If you have issues with a DVD, please contact them because I don’t have anything to do with the production any more.