Balloon Twisting

by Stretch & Company

Stretch & Company is home to Stretch the Balloon Dude and his son Balloon Dawg. They are both expert balloon artists and can create just about anything you can think of. While they are creating amazing sculptures with their balloon twisting skills, they also entertain with horribly bad puns, jokes, and silly conversation. Balloon twisting, like any skilled art, takes many hours of practice to master, but Stretch and Dawg make it look easy with more than 45 years of combined experience between them.

You may be thinking that balloon art wouldn’t work at your event or party because of the age of the attendees. Don’t let that stop you from adding a balloon artist to your party because balloon twisting is loved by people of all ages, and is certainly not limited to just the younger generation. Stretch has twisted balloons at a lady’s 100th birthday party, and he and Dawg have both twisted at numerous senior center events and parties where there were no children under the age of eighteen.

Stretch the Balloon Dude

Stretch the Balloon Dude, a.k.a. Wendell Clendennen, has been twisting balloons into fun shapes since 1989. He is an industry leader and instructor, and has taught at international conventions and seminars across the US. Stretch has also produced over 40 instructional balloon twisting DVDs and PDF books that have been purchased by balloon artists around the globe.

Balloon Dawg

Dawg, a.k.a. Lee “Balloon Dawg” Clendennen, has been watching his dad create balloon since he was five years old. He played with balloons early on, but didn’t start balloon twisting professionally until 2003. Although he grew up watching Stretch, he developed his own style of balloon art, but shares his father’s love of terrible puns and bad jokes.

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