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Balloon Decor

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Balloon Decor

by Stretch the Balloon Dude

Balloon Decor – A fun and creative way to enhance your event.

Balloon Decor is a fun and creative way to enhance a birthday party, corporate event, company grand opening, festival, or just to decorate a space and make it more interesting and inviting for your customers or guests. The most common types of decor are the balloon arches and columns, also referred to as towers, but it can also include table decorations, sculptured pieces, and more. The colors and designs can be built so the colors and designs complement and enhance the theme of your event. The columns and arches can be plain, or they can be enhanced by adding creative balloon elements to go with your theme. I’ve been twisting balloons for about 3 decades and I can create just about anything you can think of out of balloons. Animals, people, and other fun pieces can be added or incorporated into the column or arch to make it more fun entertaining.

Unlike entertainment, which is priced by the hour, balloon decor is priced by the size, complexity, and number of pieces involved. We can communicate through email, talk on the phone, or I can come out and look at your event space to discuss ideas. Once I have a good idea of what you have in mind, I will come up with some ideas and send you a quote with all the individual pieces listed and priced. You can then choose which pieces and how many you want, and we will get your party booked and on the calendar.

Please email, call, or fill out the contact form here on the web site if you have any questions, or would like to find out about having me make your event more fun and colorful with some balloon decor from Stretch & Company.